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The Last Frontier
Illegal Logging in Papua and Chinas's Massive Timber Theft

Penebangan Liar di Papua dan Pencurian yang Masif oleh Cina

Asia has already lost 95 percent of its frontier forests. Most of what remains is confined to the Indonesian archipelago - and the province of Papua in Indonesia is home to the largest tract. This last precious forests are being illegally felled and sold off wholesale to China, which is now the largest consumer of stolen timber in the world.

Telapak and EIA exposes for the first time the complex web of middlemen and financiers from across the region responsible for masterminding the theft of Indonesia's forests. From the millionaire timber barons in Jakarta and the officials on their payrolls, the story traces the role of multinational companies in Malaysia, brokers in Singapore and log dealers in Hong Kong.

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Latest Info

4 April 2006
Press Release - European and US Consumers Duped into Buying Timber Stolen from Papua's Precious Rainforests
European and US consumers of merbau hardwood flooring are being misled by major retailers and leading brands into buying illegal timber stolen from the forests of Indonesia's remote Papua Province, revealed Telapak and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) today.
Download report: pdf file (ID-47 kb - EN-293 kb)

12 May 2005
Press Release - Anti illegal logging operation in Papua cuts flow of logs, but timber elite untouched
As an unprecedented enforcement operation against illegal logging in Papua Province draws to a close, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telapak today urged the Indonesian government to increase it efforts to apprehend the influential bosses responsible for massive timber theft.
Download report: pdf file (ID-134 kb - EN-131 kb)

17 February 2005
Press Release - World's Biggest Timber Smuggling Racket Exposed Between Indonesia and China
Rampant smuggling of illegal timber from Indonesia to China is a billion dollar trade threatening the last remaining intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telapak revealed today.
Download laporan: pdf file (ID-107 kb - EN-124 kb)

31 January 2005
PUBLICATION - AID Trace in the Forest
Reviewing European Union Development AID scheme in forest sector in Indonesia - Case study South Central Kalimantan Production Forest Project (download pdf file (ID-722 kb - EN-707 kb)

27 January 2005
Telapak's Statement on the military's assault to Farid Faqih (GOWA Activist) in Blang Bintang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Farid Faqih, a civil society movement activist and the Government Watch (GOWA) coordinator, was assaulted by TNI officers at Indonesian Air Force Base in Blang Bintang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD). Farid Faqih is one of the leading persons who have been actively working on the distribution of logistic for the tsunami relief in NAD. TNI accused Farid Faqih of stealing the aid supplies for the tsunami relief (download doc file (ID - 51 kb & EN - 50 kb))

19 January 2005
Speech by the Minister of Forestry on the Occasion of CGI Meeting Jakarta, 19 January 2005
Speech by the Indonesian Minister of Forestry on the occasion of CGI Meeting (download doc file - 51 kb)

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